Thursday, November 18, 2010

Items unique to each SHA class

Over my years with the SHA program, I've always found it fascinating how each class not only coalesces into a cohesive unit over the course of three weeks but also the issues that bubble up with each class.

Talking today with several members of the Class of 2010 and reading John's blog, one of the salient points that they've raised is the issue of the use of collections in a variety of settings: what to collect, how to care for and preserve and conserve them, use in exhibits, for research, for education, and the like.

I thought I'd post one resource for the field that discusses issues regarding collections for both the Class of 2010 and also for those following this blog, the latest entry in History News: Your Turn, an AASLH online community for discussing articles in the current issue of the magazine. Over the year we’ve covered Radical Trust and Crowdsourcing.

The Autumn’s issue feature is How Collection Planning and Collaboration Supports the Cultural Heritage Institution and Community Memory by Melissa Mannon (twitter: While it’s not 100% apropos of the “role of collections” discussions the Class of 2010 had having, it does discuss some of the challenges (and offers a solution) to one of the issues with this function of our work.

History News: Your Turn is posted at Hope you’ll join the conversation and also share the link with friends and colleagues.


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