Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Think You Have Time to Learn From the Best?

“I don’t have time to eat lunch let alone attend a three-week seminar.” Sound familiar? As site directors, grant officers, education directors, et. al., we keep mighty busy work schedules. It sometimes feels like we can’t take time off to attend SHA. After all, it is a three week commitment away from work, site, and family. However, I think when you consider what you will learn, the access you get to the top minds in the field, and the experience you gain, three weeks is not that long to learn from the best.

I had the opportunity to attend SHA in 2008 and I come from a small site, so making the commitment to participate was a big decision. At first, I was apprehensive about attending, wondering if I could afford the time away, but further reflection led me to what I feel was the right choice. When I considered the number of talented individuals who were giving of their time and knowledge to educate me, I knew there was no way I could afford not to attend the Seminar.

Talk about efficient use of time. SHA gives you access to experts all in one place not only in the classroom, but also one-on-one during lunch and gatherings. I think about how long it would take to meet these individuals if I tried to do it on my own, and realize three weeks is a drop in the bucket. So if you are considering SHA, but are worried about being gone for so long, take a moment to consider what you will gain during your time at the Seminar. Attending SHA is one of the best decisions you will make.

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